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This page is dedicated to the famous VGA-Planets PBEM game!

I hope that you and especially all players which are currently participating in my VGA-Planets "ARENA 2" game will find something useful that may improve your gameplay. Read about VGAP strategy, print out important doc-files, relax while browsing through some issues of The Planeteer and discuss your ideas on the message board!


If you don't know what's VGA-Planets, take a moment and read the short description!

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"Dangerous Waters"-Tutorials
Mods + Missionen zu "Silent Hunter III"

The second part of my homepage has nothing to do with VGA Planets.

During my studies of history and political science I did some research about the causes that led to World War I and decided to publish the results on the Internet. It may be of interest to other historians who are working on this subject.
- This part is only available in German language -
"Die Präventivkriegsbestrebungen in der militärischen Führungselite im Kaiserreich und in der Donaumonarchie, 1885 - 1890" - ein Beitrag zur Erforschung der Vorgeschichte des Ersten Weltkriegs.